Graphic Designing: A Magic Wand For The Designers!

In the good old days, before the advent of sophisticated computers, which are capable of doing everything imaginable today, creative persons like architects, engineers, garment producers etc., used paper and pencil to carve out the outer appearance of their ideas and imagination.After conceiving an idea, the first step use to be preparing the blueprint of that idea so that everybody unaware of the idea till then could see the blueprint and understand the idea.The blueprint or the design is a gateway into the mind of the creator of the idea. The design of a machine, or a garment, or a building is that document that illustrates the aspiration of creator. In modern technological world, it is hard to imagine any production done without a design.However, with increasing complexities and work, it is very difficult to get every design carved out on paper. The difficulties include, but are not limited to, absence of third dimension, accuracy of the scale and inclusion of the very minute details which are not visible even to human eye.Moreover, with the advent of computer and digital screens, it became more convenient and intuitive to see and analyze a design on the screen. Since a screen has coordinates like a graph paper; any design that is represented using a screen is called a graphic design. Hence, in today’s world if you have to communicate an idea or send a message and the communication needs to be visual, be it a poster, or a company logo or an album cover, then it will have to go through a creative process called graphic designing.In today’s world the term Graphic design is more used to convey a creative process that uses digital visual medium to send a message. The creative process is called Graphic designing. Any professional that deals with and is an expert in this creative process is called a Graphic designer. Any such designer will use his skills to create an artifact for a printed, published or electronic media.He will use typography or motion graphics to create a piece of design which means that a graphic design can be either animated or still. The idea is to simplify and enhance the visual communication using the computers and the technology. The idea is to make your imagination more lucid, more understandable and to reach those untouched areas of visual expression which couldn’t be reached using paper and pencil.

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